Natural ingredients, delicious taste and high energy are no longer mutually exclusive. We believe simple is better, and nothing is simpler than cold brewing high quality ingredients, adding fresh flavors, a touch of cane sugar and 100mg worth of natural caffeine. 

Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: cold brew tea, fresh lime juice, lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and a cup of coffee worth of natural caffeine from green coffee extract.

Dying to Know More?

Our Story

We started as the first all cold brew bar in the world. We quickly realized we wanted to share our favorite drinks with everyone.

We Want to Share Our Story With You!

Meet the team


Boss Babe

She is fierce. She is fun. She is friendly. Alexa keeps the boys in line as a Boss Babe should.


Head Brewer

Need your beans handled properly, Carlos is the man for the job. He has the perfect touch, making your cold brew extra delicious.



What can't he do? Throw two letters together, give it a meaning and thats his title. Diego makes shit happen.



Pretty boy, fan boy, all around box cheerleader. Just hand him some pom poms and your spirits will be lifted.

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