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Box Cold Brew was founded by Lucas Cravero, who got his start in the craft beer industry on the West Coast. In 2016 he moved back to Miami with the inspiration of bringing what he loved about craft beer to the coffee and tea industry. The concept popped-up in a shipping container in Wynwood, that transformed into an open-air bar and fun outdoor patio. We soon became a go-to neighborhood hangout, known for crazy handcrafted concoctions and seriously good cold brew. 

Box Cold Brew’s pop up became a living incubator for honing in on recipes and uncovering what flavors excited drinkers the most.

“What we love about craft beer seemed to be missing in the specialty tea space, we needed our own version of a brewpub where we could play with fun ingredients, learn what delighted our customers, and then put those flavors in a bottle,” - Lucas Cravero

Within a year we perfected our first two bottled beverages. From the original menu, the Green Goddess became a bottled Jasmine Green Tea with Basil and Lime and the Pink Bits became Hibiscus with Mint and Lime bottled and lightly carbonated. All ingredients are hand pressed and fresh. Each bottle contains cold brew tea, fresh natural ingredients, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, and energized with natural caffeine from green coffee extract. And we are just getting started as more fun combinations are in the pipeline for 2018.

Currently, our bottled teas can be found at all Milam’s Markets and select Winn Dixie supermarkets across South Florida. In the future, as more flavors are created, the teas will be available in multi-packs and variety packs.

Check us out during weekly demo pop-ups in stores, at local markets including monthly Mercadito at Veza Sur, and weekly Casa TropiSoul events at Ace Props. We'll also be back at SEED Food and Wine Festival this year.

For partnerships with Box Cold Brew, please reach out to Lucas by visiting our Contact Us page. 

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